Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to serve and participate at Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, as well as the community at large. All of the opportunities listed below are great ways to get involved and build lasting relationships with new friends.

Purpose & Mission

It takes a village... we believe in unity. It is our intention to not only serve our own spiritual community, but to be a light in our local community, as well as a light in the global community. Through reaching to teach, celebrate and assist one another, we learn to reach out and share our good with those around us.

Leader – Marian Babauta & Cheryl Ostrander

Bookstore volunteers serve in the Creative Light Bookstore on Sundays before and after service. This is a great opportunity to help others learn about our philosophy.

Building Ministry
Leader – Greg Luce, RScP

Our beautiful Mayan Architecture Building was recently listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. We work together to maintain this treasure, ensuring that it will support our spiritual work in the years to come. We offer Second Sunday Service opportunities where we join with friends to do small maintenance and upkeep projects. Whatever building and cleaning skills you have are welcomed and appreciated!

Leader – Todd Waddington, RScP

Our choir sings at Sunday services and other events. All voices are welcome. The choir rehearses after church most Sundays.

Congregational Care Team - Circle of Blessings
Leader, Rev. Judy Pando and Karen Hillman, RScP

The Circle of Blessings offers support to Center Participants in need of blessings such as transportation to church or doctor’s appointments, visitation, meal support in times of grief or sickness and assistance with finding local resources for special needs. Members of this Team enjoy nurturing our Spiritual Family. They find that the act of blessing one another blesses both giver and receiver. For more information, stop by the Circle of Blessings Table in Stanley's Hall; or contact office@venturacsl.org.

Leader – Becky Burnham

Center Fundraisers learn to inspire abundance in themselves and others through participating in this ministry. The Fundraising co-creates events that support our Center so that we may continue to support the highest and best in our membership and the world around us.

Leader – Keith Bonafede & Mie Fallesen-Lacara

Our hospitality team serves our congregation and our visitors after Sunday services and during special events. If you have a love of nurturing others with good food and fellowship, please consider supporting this team.

Membership Ministry
Leader – Judy Rodgers, RScP

Participants in the membership ministry join in educating prospective members about our Center and our philosophy. This is a great opportunity to share what you know with others and help them discover a new life.

Leader – Jennifer Gadberry-Hadrys, RScP

Our Center blesses the community at large by participating in various community outreach projects. We continue to serve others through our work with Project Understanding, The United Way/Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund, Salvation Army, and more.

To Play as God Plays - Social Group Ministry
Leaders - Debbie Blair, Tracey St. John and Liana Calvin

To Play as God Plays is dedicated to forming close, joyous and sacred relationships in our Spiritual Community. This group joins together to know God in social and sacred settings; they inspire habitual joy and deepen in unity.

Welcome Team
Leader – Suzy Thatcher and Steve Jones

The Welcome Team greets attendees of our Sunday services and other events. This is a great opportunity to meet people and welcome others into the warmth and kindness of our Center.

Youth and Family Ministry
Leader – Jill Sarick

The Youth and Family Team provides a quality Sunday experience for our children, toddlers through teens. Paid staff and volunteers work together to ensure that our children feel nurtured in a structured program. This is a great opportunity to let our young people know that they are the Face of God.

About Us

Ventura Center for Spiritual Living is blessed with an abundance of opportunities to serve, grow and be a part of a community with like-minded individuals. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these groups or any other service opportunities at Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, please contact individuals listed, the office at 805-643-1933 or email office@venturacsl.org

Contact People

Jennifer Seale

Director of Hospitality

Annette Bennett, RScP

Office Manager
Photo of Annette Bennett, RScP


Wednesday - Friday, 10 am - 5pm
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